Sensitive Eyes

Shany Duchess Liquid Eye Liner Review

Shany Duchess Liquid Eye Liner ReviewLiquid eye liner was kind of like a gift from the gods for women. You no longer needed to risk jabbing you eye with a pencil and putting on eye liner was as fun (and shaky hand accident prone) as painting. Unfortunately, when the whole controversy of parabens came to light, liquid eye liner became... Read More »

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara Review

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara ReviewWhen it comes to makeup sensitivities, typically women don’t have too big of a problem with mascaras. There aren’t many ingredients in mascara to begin with and they only have so much contact with your skin, so the probability of allergy or irritation is rare. However, that doesn’t mean mascara can’t cause problems. In most... Read More »

Revlon Luxurious Color Eye Shadow Review

Revlon Luxurious Color Eye Shadow ReviewAs you can probably guess by the name, Revlon’s Luxurious Color eye shadow is the type of eye shadow that, if you aren’t into brand names, you might go to the drugstore and grab really quick because the color looks nice. If you don’t have sensitive skin around your eyes, you will probably like it,... Read More »

Pacifica Natural Eye Pencil Review

Pacifica Natural Eye Pencil ReviewThe quest for a good eye pencil is forever an unsuccessful one. There are so many options out there today, but no brand seems to have just the right mix of qualities that would make a perfect eye-enhancing tool. Can the Pacifica Natural Eye Pencil bring an end to the hunt? No, but it is... Read More »

Sensitive Eyes? – Ingredients in Your Eye Makeup That Could Be Causing Irritation

Sensitive Eyes? –  Ingredients in Your Eye Makeup That Could Be Causing IrritationHave your eyes started to burn, itch, redden, or even swell? Well, those are the symptoms of eye irritation for you. While eye irritation can be caused by a number of factors from dryness to bacteria, if the symptoms constantly heal and then come back again, then it may be caused by a reaction to... Read More »

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