How to Deal with Warts When You Have Sensitive Skin?

a neck of a woman with moles and warts

Warts are generally harmless and not painful, but if you have them, you probably want to eliminate them because they’re unsightly. You may be feeling self-conscious about it, so you’re looking for solutions. Many treatments for warts are available, whether home remedies or medical treatments. But if you have sensitive skin, you … Read more

Possible Side Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Creams

Different anti-inflammatory creams and gels

For centuries, anti-inflammatory medicines have been used to treat a variety of aches, pains, and skin conditions. These days, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are widely used to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain and discomfort. NSAIDs can be consumed orally or also take the form of gels, creams and ointments that you apply … Read more

Best Skincare Products You Can Find

Woman applying drops on face

There is no shortage of skincare products in the market. In fact, store shelves, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, carry a wide variety of skincare products for you to choose from. And consumers are often subjected to a constant barrage of advertisements from armies of brand endorsers and social media influencers. … Read more

Juicing Help Relieve Sensitive Skin

Nutritionist, Nutritionist, Healthy Food

It’s never a good idea to use artificial skin products and cosmetics to treat or even hide marks, acne, or wrinkles. To cope with daily sun exposure, stress, and other irritants, your body requires something natural and non-toxic. If you’re serious about your skincare routine, it’s time to add raw fruit and … Read more

Learn the Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin

aloe vera gel in a tube

Aloe vera is a thick, short-stemmed plant with leaves that can grow up to 12 to 19 inches long. The leaves can also store water. Aloe vera serves you in uncountable ways to cure and enhance your skin. There is absolutely no doubt that you can use aloe vera to treat different … Read more

How Does a Peanut Allergy Affect Your Skin?


Allergies can be painful, irritating, and serious. There are several different kinds of allergies that affect different parts of the body. If not dealt with, some allergies can turn into serious health concerns. Even though most of us like to eat dried fruits but some people are not that fortunate.  Peanut allergy … Read more

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin when Outdoors during the Summer

An SPF 50 sunscreen

Time flies when you’re having fun under the sun. Whether you’re running, cycling, swimming, working out, camping, hiking, or simply strolling in the park with your dog or enjoying backyard games for BBQ parties  – you may forget to prep your skin first for all the time you’re going to spend under harsh … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Collagen?

What Are the Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is the most protein found in the body and has various crucial roles, including the foundation for many body tissues, such as bones and skin. In recent years it’s become increasingly popular as a nutritional supplement and ingredient in shampoos and body lotions. Still, you might be wondering: what is collagen, … Read more

Tips for Washing Hair When You Have Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin does not only affect the area around your hairline. Dryness and irritation can spread to the scalp as well. Having sensitive skin can harm your entire body. It’s possible to experience irritation on your scalp even if you do not have sensitive skin anyplace else on your body. It’s also … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Juicing To The Skin?

Sliced Orange Fruit on Stainless Steel Round Tray

Do you like to eat fruits and veggies as a regular part of your daily meal? If so, then you should like juicing as well. Fruits and veggies are packed with tons of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that your body needs. However, eating them whole or juicing them have different effects. Eating … Read more