Is Makeup Irritating Your Skin?

makeup for sensitive skin If you have sensitive skin, then you are probably familiar with the stings, the burns, and the redness that goes along with putting the wrong makeup on your face. You may have an allergy to one popular ingredient in cosmetics, or you may have feel the keen sting of irritation to a whole range of products. If you struggle to find makeup for your sensitive skin, from finding products you can trust to busting open popular brands, we can help you find cosmetics that pamper your skin instead of terrorize it.

Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer Stick Review

Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer Stick ReviewOn my search for a concealer that isn’t completely made of chemicals, we with sensitive skin might have found a winner in this Dermablend model. However, while it is not impossible to make a concealer for sensitive skin in a way that it doesn’t irritate, the key is making it so that it actually works... Read More »

Are Korean Cosmetics Safer for Sensitive Skin?

Are Korean Cosmetics Safer for Sensitive Skin?While we are a little late for the craze, Korean beauty products have become the next big thing. The rest of the world has been importing and buying Asian beauty products for years, and many times it is for the more novelty and experimental treatments like lovely snail slime face masks. However, cosmetics are a... Read More »

SOZGE Handmade Matte Lipstick Review

SOZGE Handmade Matte Lipstick ReviewBeing completely honest here, I was drawn to this lipstick probably for the same reason you are drawn to this review. That one little word, “handmade,” intrigued me immensely. While I know it is distinctly possible to make your own lipstick, usually it isn’t quite in the consistency you could put in a tube. So... Read More »

What is Really in Your Cosmetics? – Carnauba Wax

What is Really in Your Cosmetics? – Carnauba WaxWhen it comes to waxes used in cosmetics, some have very obvious origins, like beeswax. Beeswax very obviously comes from bees. However, some waxes are a little more difficult to identify, especially when they use their scientific name instead of their common one. However, sometimes even their common names leave a little more mystery than... Read More »

Au Naturale Crème de la Crème Eye Shadow Review

Au Naturale Crème de la Crème Eye Shadow ReviewWhen you have sensitive eyes, finding a good cream eye shadow is a task, a near impossible task. For sensitive eyes, you want something that is light so that it doesn’t suffocate your skin and low on chemicals. While light on your skin is against the very nature of cream eye shadow, and it seems... Read More »

Why Do I Have Sensitive Skin?

Why Do I Have Sensitive Skin?When you are suffering, the easiest question to ask is “Why Me?” This is applicable more than ever if you have sensitive skin. Why is trying a new cosmetic for you a gamble with your skin when you have a friend that switches cosmetics on a weekly basis just because they can? Why can’t you... Read More »

L’Oreal Paris True Match Gentle Mineral Makeup Review

L’Oreal Paris True Match Gentle Mineral Makeup ReviewMineral makeup is the dream. It makes your skin appear soft, not shiny, and even radiant in some products. Unfortunately, for as popular as mineral makeup is, a lot of women moved away from it because it had talc or the small powdered minerals just straight up clogged up their pores. No one wants either... Read More »

What is Really in Your Cosmetics? – Dimethicone

What is Really in Your Cosmetics? – DimethiconeWhen it comes to cosmetics, the more chemical-sounding the name, the more questionable it makes the ingredient sound. Typically, perceiving dubiousness from chemical-sounding names is a spot on reaction, but is that the case is our latest ingredient under the looking glass, dimethicone? What is Dimethicone? Also known as polydimethylsilxane, dimethicone is a man-made silicone... Read More »

Lip Ink Organic Vegan Liquid Lipstick Review

Lip Ink Organic Vegan Liquid Lipstick ReviewTo me, I still tend to think of liquid lipstick as that awful gloppy stuff you found in a cheap tube when you just started using makeup, but it has become a viable lipstick option for many that found the traditional stick models a little more irritating. However, typically what makes liquid lipstick so viscous,... Read More »

Common Cosmetic Ingredients That Are Made From Animals

Common Cosmetic Ingredients That Are Made From AnimalsIf you are dedicated to vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, then you are part of a growing number makeup wearers whose shifting priorities are forcing cosmetics brands to change the way they make their products. However, the changes they make are not always for the better. On the growing wave of consumers against animal byproducts in... Read More »